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Special Kaju Sweets

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Sweets made of pistachio, cashew nuts and decorated with silver leaves.

Code: KS-008 Weight (approx): 500Gms.

Sweets made of cashewnuts, pistachio and strawberry flavor. Highly popular among children of all...

Code: KSD-001 Weight (approx): 300Gms.

High quality kajus, almonds, pista and honey are used to make this sweets. A modern sweets...

Code: KB-10 Weight (approx):
List price:Rs600.00
You save:8%

Very modern sweets made of high quality kaju, pista and almonds.

Code: KB-09 Weight (approx): 300Gms.

A nice modern sweets made of Cashew Nuts and Dry Fruits and shaped in the Traditional Indian...

Code: KB-08 Weight (approx): 500Gms.

Kaju Anjeer Barfi is made mainly of Cashew Nuts and Anjeer. This sweets is both somewhat...

Code: KB-05 Weight (approx): 430Gms.

Sweets made of cashew nuts and stuffed with Dry Fruits.

Code: KB-02 Weight (approx): 500Gms.